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Nickel Titanium high quality, super-elastic wire with shape memory, highly polished to reduce surface friction.

Ideal for initial levelling. The combination of low forces and minimum friction offers the opportunity of moving teeth with a reasonably constant force over long distance. Less wire changes necessary.

Thermal NiTi is our special version of our NiTi wires, with high super-elasticity and excellent shape memory. With transition temperature set at normal mouth temperature, these wires apply gentle intermittent forces. Rapid tooth movement under physiological conditions.

Our NiTi arches are available in two shapes, the INTERNATIONAL shape and wider FULL shape, with or without midline dimple.

Our reverse Curves of Spee have shorter "curves" than any other on the market, and therefore still effective when shortened for patient comfort. Available in standard sizes in full form with/or without the dimple.

The Straight leg intrusion wire is ideal for incisor intrusion without causing molar or premolar eruption.


NiTi super-elastic tooth color wire - the latest development offering   a chance of super aesthetic fixed appliance system. Available as round and rectangular in all usual sizes.

The Double efficacy wire is a new idea for creating simple, yet biomechanically correct front retraction system. The anterior part is square for perfect incisor torque and the posterior part is round for minimized friction.

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