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Clarion - a high quality ceramic bracket with metal lined slot.

The preferred aesthetic choice!

Clarion offers everything you need in an aesthetic bracket. Accurate shape, good looks, metal lined slot and a unique state-of-the-art dovetail base for good retention. De-bonding can be achieved in a normal way using currently available bonding techniques.

  • Compound contour base for an ideal bracket fit
  1. Rounded corners for enhanced patient comfort
  2. Nickel-free metal-lined slot for improved sliding efficiency, strength, and accurate positioning
  3. Contour tie wings for patient comfort
  4. Colour enhanced ID for easier identification
  5. Ample tie wing area for easier ligation

Clarion brackets feature a distinctively designed dove tailed base for increased surface contact, allowing for excellent adhesion. The brackets are designed with a porous coating that provides millions of additional undercuts that firmly grip the adhesive. As a result, additional primer agents are not required to bond Clarion™ brackets to the tooth’s enamel.

Available in slot 0.018”, or 0.022”

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