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Have you tried the smart new way to do orthodontics?

Low friction (levelling), vertical control (intrusion) and space closure – all made possible by this patented unique bracket!

Full rotational control for greater flexibility
Rhomboid low profile design for patient comfort and secure bonding
Durable one piece design
Torque in base


  1. Generous tie wing area for easier ligation
  2. Colour enhanced ID for easier identification
  3. Centered hook for accuracy and comfort
  4. 0.035" wing slot for fully controlled tipping
  5. 0.018" edgewise slot for traditional movements
  6. State of the art base design for enhanced bond strength

The advantages can be summarized as follows:

a) Beautiful results in a short time.
b) Treatment planned and performed on the basis of a biological concept of occlusion itself.
c) Clear reduction in treatment time, as well as operator/chair time
d) Unique vertical control, based on a differential diagnosis of vertical occlusion.
e) Short levelling phase, based on frictionless tooth movement
f) Space closure like you never thought possible

Cannon brackets are offered in full sets or individually (package of 10) in 0.018"x 0.025", with special tubes, available for either bonding or welding. Bracket also available in aesthetic version!

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