152,00 €

Lucent - Beautifully functional

The attractive, comfortable Lucent composite brackets feature a nickel-free silver alloy-lined archwire slot that makes them a safe alternative for nickel-sensitive patients. The metal liner is precisely integrated into the bracket body, creating a pleasantly aesthetic device that delivers the sliding mechanics of a metal slot.

  • Crystal clear material adapts perfectly to the tooth color
  • Torque in base
  • Compound contour base for an ideal bracket fit
  1. Nickel-free metal-lined slot for improved sliding efficiency, strength, and accurate positioning
  2. Contour tie wings for patient comfort
  3. Rounded corners for enhanced patient comfort
  4. Colour enhanced ID for easier identification
  5. Mesial and distal pockets provide greater inter-bracket distance, reducing wire forces and improving patient comfort
  6. Ample tie wing area for easier ligation

Delivering sliding mechanics of low friction methods in an aesthetically pleasing bracket system.

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