36,00 €

Comfort Zone – The most elegant and technically defined small bracket on the market.

The special base design reduces the amount of visible metal. The special pylons ensure maximum retention.

Looks smaller than it really is!

17-4 grade stainless steel for greater strength
Full rotational control due to the twin design
State-of-the-art base design for enhanced bond strength
Torque in base
Rhomboid low profile for patient comfort and secure bonding

  1. Centre scribe line aligns with long axis for accurate placement
  2. Chamfered slot for easy wire insertion and added patient comfort
  3. Colour enhanced ID for easier identification
  4. Expanded tie wing undercuts for easy ligation

The Comfort Zone is a Low Friction bracket, deliberately and specifically engineered to eliminate unnecessary contact surfaces, giving a full 80 % reduction of contact between wire and slot. The remaining 20 % offers maximum efficiency and uncompromised tooth control.

Available in slot 0.018", or 0.022"

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